A simple solution to manage your small business stably

System Group’s Sepidar is designed to make managing small businesses to become more agile and meet their objectives. This simple user interface product, will help you extract fast, accurate and integrated reports so that you can make timely decisions. Also, with multilingual and multi-currency options, you are enabled to work with foreign companies and partners.
Sepidar covers accounting and finance, payments, suppliers management, warehouse management, sales and customers and has special solutions for manufacturing, contracting and service businesses.

Sepidar solution includes:


Commerce solution

  • You’ll have the options of customer validation and following-up on unpaid invoices.
  • You can prepare a report of sales’ profits and losses for each product.
  • You can buy and sell products and goods in different currencies.
  • You become aware of the reorder point for your products.

Manufacturing solution

  • Ability to prepare reports and added value file for each project.
  • Manage project payments separately for each contract.
  • Estimate the progress of your contracting projects.
  • Control guarantees, pre-payments, partial payments, and materials relating to any contract.
  • Calculate project’s profit and loss separately for each contract.

Services solution

  • Control your bank accounts and funds in different currencies.
  • You will be provided with service invoicing and related invoicing.
  • Easily prepare financial statements and bank reconciliations.
  • Easily and accurately management and maintain your customer accounts.

Manufacturing solution

  • Simply calculate costs of finished products for each customer and order.
  • Manage production process from the beginning to the end.
  • You can improve production processes and avoid wasting your resources.