System Group’s new achievements in Iranian IT industry

During the company general assembly attended by SG’s shareholders, the CEO, Mehdi Amiri, reviewed the performance of SG since entering the capital market.
Amiri pointed out that more than 46,000 businesses of large to small-sized are benefiting from SG solutions .“Continuous and successful presence in Iran IT industry, In line with covering various needs of different businesses and industries is one of the main competitive advantages of SG. This unique advantage causes SG to remain sustainable and have an appropriate potential for development.” He said.

“Investments in the new segments such as manufacturing systems and adding them to Rahkaran product portfolio has led to providing more integrated solution for our target industries. we expect to an increase in the company’s revenue and the market share in the coming years.” Amiri said while  referring to a 25% increase in the software sales revenue as compared to the same period of the previous year.

Amiri highlighted the success of System Group in managing large projects and its extended capability in implementation of its products. He also announced that SG’s ERP customers exceeded 2500.According to Amiri, the System Group has successfully executed 46 large-scale projects during the last year.

In describing “Rahkaran On the Cloud, the first Iranian cloud-based ERP”, SG’s CEO mentioned that: “This product enables mid-sized companies to benefit from of an ERP solution used by the most prominent businesses in Iran on Cloud platform.” He continued: “Rahkaran on the Cloud” have so far been able to create successful achievements in more than 100 mid-size businesses in Iran. In the upcoming year, SG will focus on developing its role as a market leader in this market.”

Amiri also pointed out that Sepidar SG’s solution for SME markets, widely welcomed by the SME markets and could add 5,000 new customers to the company’s portfolio.”
Describing SG’s strong determination to create a powerful platform for Rahkaran customization and its BPM Tools (Farayar) added: “These tools can meet the specific needs of customers and integrate processes in different parts of their organization.”

Amiri also said: “One of the most important achievements of SG is to provide a development infrastructure for Rahkaran which enables development of “Rahkaran” systems in additional industries and integration with other enterprise software programs.

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