System Group in 2017, Great steps taken on the road to development

System Group company-wide annual gathering was held on 9 March with an overview of last year’s achievements, next year plans, and leading prospects at the Milad Tower Auditorium, where SG top executives presented the perspectives and success path of the company to more than 1100 colleagues.

Mahmoud Nazzari, chairman of the Board of SG stated: “Prestigious and successful, SG 2020 will promote the Iranian software industry across the region.”

In his speech addressing the SG members, Nazzari pointed out the progress of SG from the very establishment toward the company’s Vision 2020, stating: “Companies survive when they move forward in an integrated effort where a set of values serve to benefit the society.”

Mehdi Amiri, CEO of SG delivered a speech before over 1100 stakeholders. He reviewed the corporate achievements during 2016, while referring to the SG’s transparent, successful and sustainable involvement in the Iranian OTC over the last five years.”

“In addition to achievement of shareholder satisfaction, such performance has set the ground for SG to obtain a license for engagement as the first Iranian software company in the TSE.”

Highlighting the major corporate objectives over 2017, Mehdi Amiri stated: “As a strategic partner to its clients in the IT realm, SG has managed to build a robust network responding to their needs in various business spheres.”

“In line with expansion of client need, we have been planning to develop this network to expand the capacity of SG’s solution to respond to every business needs.”

“The integration approach has been adopted progressively along with the top-quality category of products in the market. It will help complete the SG’s portfolio of partners as another objective to be achieved during 2017.”

In another part of his speech, the CEO of SG pointed out that the first localized cloud-based ERP has been unveiled in Iran branded Rahkaran Cloud: “Relying on our constructive experiences achieved during 2016, we are going to further expand the market and raise awareness about the added value of this technology, while promoting its sales rate.”

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