Overview of System Group’s recent achievements in the software market; SG’s ERP clients grew over 2000

System Group (SG) Iran’s leading software company, on its general assembly reported 110% budget realization and 40% growth in consolidated net income.

Successful performance in Iran enterprise software market

While pointing out a 45% growth in Rahkaran’s sales revenues, the company CEO, Mehdi Amiri stated that: “With adding over 450 new customers joining from medium and large sized businesses, SG’s ERP clients exceeded 2000.”

In this regard, SG’s board of directors mentioned a platform development plan for Rahkaran in the near future, while enumerating the capabilities of the new platform to engage in additional industries and integration with other enterprise software programs.

According to Amiri, SG not only made numerous achievements last year but also managed a 26% growth in the market of large-sized businesses as well as small-sized businesses and retailers. Known as one of the top quality and most reliable accounting software products, “System Group Sepidar” has been dedicated to small businesses, responding to requirements of over 17000 clients.

Rahkaran on the Cloud, the first Iranian cloud-based ERP and other recent achievements

In another part of his speech, Amiri stated that the first localized cloud-based ERP has been unveiled in Iran branded Rahkaran on the Cloud, he added: “Relying on our constructive experiences achieved during 2016, we are going to further expand the market and raise awareness about the added value of this technology, while promoting its sales rate in 2017.”

At General Assembly, One of the subjects discussed by shareholders was SG’s cloud computing ERP developed on Rahkaran’s platform. In response to questions from shareholders, SG’s board members talked about the extensive and reliable market which is targeted for Rahkaran on the Cloud.

Enhance product responsiveness and engagement into the ecosystem of startups

According to Amiri, SG has managed to build a robust network responding to customer needs in various business spheres. Amiri also mentioned that company has planned to develop this network to expand the capacity of SG’s solution to respond to various business needs.

Mahmoud Nazzari, chairman of the Board of SG stated that SG is interested in supporting startups. He added that SG is planning to establish a corporate venture capital company in the ecosystem of startups.

Concluding his speech, Amiri said: “On the road to accomplish plans during 2017, we have aimed to partner with international companies, in addition to more seriously advancing negotiations and decision-making on available options, evaluating strategies to concentrate activities and enhancing the learning capacity of foreign software programs.“

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