Emphasized at System Group Annual Gathering: 30 years of continuous and prestigious presence in IT industry

System Group celebrated the start of its fourth decade with its annual gathering held on March 8th 2018.

Mahdi Amiri took the podium to point out the status of SG in the Iranian software industry after 30 years of uninterrupted market presence. “SG has now positioned itself as a well-known reputable brand that boasts a leading position in the software industry,” he added listing the milestones of their 30-year-long path. “More than forty thousand enterprises have trusted us, which is a priceless capital and an outstanding achievement. SG’s culture has had an influence on the lifestyle and thought all its members. We have managed to make a positive difference in the businesses of our clients through this culture. SG has been a role model for the development of many startups.” Amiri further explained SG’s values and missions in the past thirty years.”

SG CEO pointed out “transform orientation” as the golden success factor of the company since its establishment .“SG has been consistently monitoring technological trends to adopt them in the development of its solutions. In addition, the world’s top models have been analyzed and learned in order to revise and change SG’s business processes and organizational structure to suit its needs and conditions. Our models are redesigned following continuous monitoring of market and industry needs. And we have entered new markets to cover a broader segment of our clients’ software needs.” He added.

According to Amiri, SG’s key success pillars that help it stand out above the software industry are its broad sales channel, implementation and support, and fully fledged workforces. These pillars will also have an effective role in the future of the company.

Mohsen Talaie, board member of SG was the next speaker of the event. Reviewing the corporate achievements in the last year, he announced that Rahkaran, SG’s ERP solution, has experienced a 22% growth in sales revenues. with adding more than 500 new customers joining from large sized businesses, SG’s ERP clients exceeded 2500”

Next in the event was an introduction of the cloud-based ERP system, Rahkaran on the cloud, presented by Farid Fooladi, board member and VP of Product and Market Development. “With the first ever cloud-based ERP system in Iran being launched by SG,” he added, “medium-sized enterprises will benefit from its advantages like simple, highly secure low-cost access to a professional software solution. We will stress SG’s role as the market leader of this segment during the upcoming year.”

Fooladi went on to emphasize on the rapid pace of changes in the IT trends “forces industry leaders to develop their business faster than ever before. And thus, SG’s next-year business development strategy will focus on external growth approach.”

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