Announced at a Press Conference with Media Representatives: Comprehensive Development of Cloud ERP; System Group’s Strategy Until 2021

In a press conference with media representatives, System Group announced the comprehensive development of Rahkaran on the cloud until 2021 as its main strategy.
Some of the most important topics discussed at the conference were developing the Rahkaran on the cloud ERP market, increasing product responsiveness, and developing the market using business process management (BPM) (known as Farayar Rahkaran) and the activities in the distribution and retail market as well as the public sector.
Shahryar Rahimi, co-founder, and member of the board of directors of System Group declared that the year 2018 has been one of the most successful years in the company’s history and the commitments to customers and shareholders were well met.

He pointed out that System Group’s strategy is continuity alongside development, and changing the CEO has been part of the company’s approach since the very beginning.

Mahdi Amiri, Vice Chairman of the Board at System Group, continued, “At System Group, we intend to have a company with more than 100 years of history, which demands a certain model of management.”
Farid Fooladi, the new CEO of System Group, stated, “In the last 32 years, we presented smart software to better guide businesses, and we always contribute to the development and sustainability of major industries in Iran by providing solutions. In certain economic conditions, our solutions help optimize the business’s performance.”

On the company’s performance during 2018, he mentioned, “We managed to record a brilliant performance in 2018. The operating profit was raised by 47% and it was the best year ever during our operation.” He added, “We currently have over 3000 customers for Rahkaran (SG’s ERP solution). The ERP sales have grown 51% in the past year.”
Farid Fooladi pointed to the System Group decision to supply Sepidar System stock at Iran OTC exchange market as one of the affiliates of System Group, and added, “With two products, namely Sepidar and Dasht, Sepidar System has over 43,000 customers and enjoyed a 34% growth in 2018.”
The CEO of System Group mentioned the “development of cloud ERP market” as the main strategy of the company in 2019 and declared the gradual supply of all products for cloud services and the comprehensive development of the product until 2021.

Then, Fooladi pointed to the business process management (BPM) (AKA Farayar Rahkaran) and explained that today, software customization and development is shifting towards low-code development platforms, and using Farayar BPM, which is developed based on this model, we can develop tools tailored to the needs of the organizations and integrate them with the Rahkaran ERP. This model could encourage a community of programmers and technology executives to attend this ecosystem.

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