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System Group’s new achievements in Iranian IT industry

During the company general assembly attended by SG’s shareholders, the CEO, Mehdi Amiri, reviewed the performance of SG since entering the capital market. Amiri pointed out that more than 46,000 businesses of large to small-sized are benefiting from SG solutions .“Continuous and successful presence in Iran IT industry, In line with covering various needs of … Read More

Emphasized at System Group Annual Gathering: 30 years of continuous and prestigious presence in IT industry

Mahdi Amiri took the podium to point out the status of SG in the Iranian software industry after 30 years of uninterrupted market presence. “SG has now positioned itself as a well-known reputable brand that boasts a leading position in the software industry,” he added listing the milestones of their 30-year-long path.

Overview of System Group’s recent achievements in the software market; SG’s ERP clients grew over 2000

While pointing out a 45% growth in Rahkaran's sales revenues, the company CEO, Mehdi Amiri stated that: "With adding over 450 new customers joining from medium and large sized businesses, SG’s ERP clients exceeded 2000."




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Our Market Share

  • 50% Of all companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange
  • 50% Of top 500 companies in Iran
  • 60% Of Iran’s cement companies
  • 50% Of Iran’s petrochemical companies
  • 60% Of Iran’s tile & ceramic companies

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Our solutions for businesses of all sizes:

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Partner Network

  • 19 Regional Companies
  • 25 Business Partners
  • 450 Authorized Resellers
  • 10

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1300 dedicated employees:

  • +200 Customer Engagement Support
  • +100 Research & Development
  • +150 HR & Finance
  • +280 Sales & Marketing

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Industries Served

  • Petrochemical
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Cement
  • Contractors

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What our customers are saying



    Rahkaran business intelligence real-time dashboards, provided designing KPI’s,defining financial and non-financial formulas,and monitoring subsidiaries status for TadbirGroup of economical development.

    Seyedian, Rahkaran deployment project manager ,Lorestan petrochemical



    Rahkaran’s integrated ERP solution enabled us to perform operations moreefficiently and generate real-timefinancial reports more quickly.

    Azad Alizadeh, IT Manager, Tadbir investment group